What Are The Setprinter.exe Levels?

Setprinter.exe uses levels to get and set particular configuration items of a printer. Some of these are things the get-printer and set-printer powershell cmdlets cannot get or set.

I have found the 9 levels to be the following equivilents in the printer properties GUI

  1. Printer Properties General Tab
  2. Printer Preferences Options Tab (for current user)
  3. Printer Properties Security Tab
  4. Unknown – appears to provide some basic printer info (name and servername)
  5. Unknown – appears to provide some basic printer info (name and port)
  6. Unknown – printer status
  7. Unknown – Provides directory service (DS) information about a printer
  8. Printer Preferences Options Tab (for All Users)

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To learn how to get and set the configuration see How to use Setprinter.exe

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