Viber Problems and Solutions

Just a few things I have found with Viber:

Don’t Receive the Viber Activation Code

When you install Viber you enter your phone number, which sends a text message containing the activation code to complete the setup of Viber.

Sometimes Viber does not send the activation code. If Viber is not sending the activation code, you can click on either options:

  1. “No Code”
  2. “If you do not receive a code, click here”

This will trigger Viber to call you with an activation code.

Changing Your Viber Phone Number

If on your phone you change your SIM card or phone number, when you message or call people in Viber, your old number will show up.

You can’t change your Viber phone number in your Viber account. You need to deactivate your Viber account with the old number and create a new Viber account.

Really annoying.



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