SCCM – KB3114874 not installing [Solved]

A weird one – KB3114874 was deployed to a collection of computers. On those that said it was still required, if you forced Software updates evaluation, it would not show in the windows update log as being installed, or failing to install. Nothing, nada, zip! If you check what updates were installed , it was not listed. If I used my  Get-UpdatesAvailableOnServer.ps1 script , it showed me what SCCM thought there was still outstanding.

Computername ArticleID Name                                                                 URL                                     
------------ --------- ----                                                                 ---                                    
Computer1     3114874   Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB3114874) 32-Bit Edition

There was a disconnect between the SCCM Client and Windows Update

So I used my SCCM Client Sledgehammer to reset the SCCM Client and low and behold the KB now installed fine!

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