SCCM – Fixing SUP Memory Issues

Basically  , as my dad would say, WSUS has got its knickers in a knot,  as by default the application pool is limited to RAM.

It needs a heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaap of RAM and time for it to run to unravel it’s self.

Plus it needs a bunch of reconfiguration of the app pool as listed below

After that you will then be able to see what amount of ram it needs on a day to day basis


Increase temporarily the RAM on the server.

When I say increase give it 2 or 3 times the RAM.

Un-limit the memory used by the AppPool (Private memory limit = 0)

The rest of this is stolen from here

1.      On your WSUS Server, launch the IIS Manager

2.      Open Application Pools

3.      Right click ‘WsusPool’ and select ‘Advanced Settings…’

4.      To support the maximum SCCM Software Update Point clients, change ‘Queue Length’ from the default 1,000 to 25,000

5.     Change ‘”Service Unavailable” Response Type’ from the default HttpLevel to TcpLevel

6.      Change ‘Failure Interval (minutes) from the default 5 to 30

7.      Change ‘Maximum Failures’ from the default 5 to 60

8.      Click ‘OK’ to save the App Pool changes

9.      Recycle the application pool.

10.  If the memory is not reduced : Restart the  WSUS Administration Website

11.  If the memory is not reduced : Restart the  World Wide Web Publishing Service 



Monitor, but eventually after a few days you should not see the “new normal” for the RAM required for the  application pool to run

Then after a week reduce the  memory to the new normal

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