Reasons For SCCM Status Message Error 10025

So these are the reasons I see for the  Status Message error 1025

  1. Content has not been distributed to a Distribution Point in the Boundary the client is in
  2. The deployment the content is in has no Fallback Point defined (assuming you normally use fallback points)
  3. The boundary the Clients subnet is in is not defined in the boundaries 
  4. The deployment the content was in has been retired , but the client does not know that has happened yet. Probably a timing issue with the actions on the SCCM client running and the deployment being retired/deleted.
  5. The device has been offline for a long time (years in my case) and when it comes back online it has an out of date deployment list containing Applications/Packages/Software Updates that no longer exist in SCCM (e.g. Expired Software Updates deleted from SCCM) years ago


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