Powershell – SCCM Message Status Error 10025 – Find Windows Updates Content That Client Cannot Download

SCCM Message Status Error 10025 – this script finds the Windows Update that the SCCM Client is having trouble downloading

For possible reasons why you are seeing the error message see http://britv8.com/reasons-for-sccm-message-status-error-10025/

So far I have seen 3 types of content that the SCCM Message Status Error 10025 reports on 

  1. Applications (Start with Content_…….)
  2. Packages  (Start With SiteCode e.g. ABC00023)
  3. Windows Updates ( Start with a Hex code e.g. 47e7cb44-…..)

So this script covers item 3

This script https://www.verboon.info/tag/status-message-10025/ covers item 1

The are a few assumptions here.

You have already imported the SCCM cmdlets module and verified that you are connected to SCCM and can run the cmdlets



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