Powershell – SCCM Message Status Error 10025 – Find Windows Updates Content That Client Cannot Download

SCCM Message Status Error 10025 – this script finds the Windows Update that the SCCM Client is having trouble downloading

For possible reasons why you are seeing the error message see http://britv8.com/reasons-for-sccm-message-status-error-10025/

So far I have seen 3 types of content that the SCCM Message Status Error 10025 reports on 

  1. Applications (Start with Content_…….)
  2. Packages  (Start With SiteCode e.g. ABC00023)
  3. Windows Updates ( Start with a Hex code e.g. 47e7cb44-…..)

So this script covers item 3

This script https://www.verboon.info/tag/status-message-10025/ covers item 1

The are a few assumptions here.

You have already imported the SCCM cmdlets module and verified that you are connected to SCCM and can run the cmdlets


   This function retrieves the Application name for the provided CI_UniqueID
   e.g. 666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384. 
   Use this when analyzing status messages (10025) for clients reporting problems
   acquiring package content   

    Get-xCMContentIDforSU -SiteServer cmsrv01 -SiteCode lab -ContentID 666e73df-99fa-4ceb-8f87-c428cf173384

CI_ID                   : 16858384
CI_UniqueID             : 7e459084-4317-44bd-bbea-9c5363120f2b
LocalizedDisplayName    : Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664)
LocalizedInformation    : 
LocalizedInformativeURL : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2952664
ModelID                 : 16853945
ModelName               : Site_15C80E4B-BE63-4B74-B7ED-20F96A08B8C6/SUM_7e459084-4317-44bd-bbea-9c5363120f2b
NumMissing              : 340
NumNotApplicable        : 642
NumUnknown              : 184
NumPresent              : 5071
NumTotal                : 6237 

    The above example retrieves the Sofware Update name for each CI_UniqueID provided. 




$CIToContent = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\sms\site_$siteCode -ComputerName $SiteServer -class SMS_CIToContent -filter "CI_UniqueID = '$ContentUniqueID' "

If ($CIToContent)
    #May return more than one, but they will all be the same, so just use the first in the array
    $Result = Get-CMSoftwareUpdate -fast -Id $CIToContent.CI_ID[0]
    $Result |select CI_ID,CI_UniqueID,LocalizedDisplayName,LocalizedInformation,LocalizedInformativeURL,ModelID,ModelName,NumMissing,NumNotApplicable,NumUnknown,NumPresent,NumTotal
    Write-Error -Exception "Content_Not_Found" -Message "ContentUniqueID not Found in Software Updates"
Write-Error -Exception "Content_Not_Found" -Message "ContentUniqueID not Found"


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