Powershell – add a Column ,Field, Property to an object

Simple thing that I keep forgetting, how do I add a property (column) to a object in powershell

$result = Get-DHCPServerv4OptionValue -ComputerName 2012-dhcp1 -ScopeID |select *,@{label=”DHCPServer”; Expression= {“2012-dhcp1”}}

$result = Get-DHCPServerv4OptionValue -ComputerName 2012-dhcp1 -ScopeID |select *,@{label=”DHCPServer”; Expression= {"2012-dhcp1"}}

the key is the pipe of whatever object you are creating  to a select * command, then followed by the “column” expression (the column you want to add)   Here is a link to a simple example, I needed to get the list of options per scope to compare one DHCP server scope to another. I use out-gridview a lot as I can copy and paste the results to excel or any app really. Also I can drag and drop the columns and change selection criteria, to filter the results.


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