MEMCM – Scripts stuck at creating client jobs

Pretty much as it says really, I had this issue and was able to solve it with help from MS Premier Support. also covers Client Notifications not running and CMPivot not returning any live data.

So initially I googled and found this post . The thing was, I did not have HTTPS enabled and I knew Scripts were running a year back on the same CB version.

Coincidentally 3 things happened:

  1. Client Notifications would be initiated in the console but never run on the client via the SCCM server “Fast channel”. If you poked the Client with some remote powershell commands, the actions would run. indicating an issue with the server and not the client. Doing a client notification did not result in any entries in the BGBserver.log.
  2. CMPivot would never return any results, again it uses the “fast channel” to do this.
  3. A pre-requisite check was run to upgrade from 1910 to 2103 and it failed with 2 errors regarding the SQL Browser.

CMPivot, Scripts and Client notifications all use the fast channel. Which means any actions will be listed in the BGBServer.log – there were none.

So there was a disconnection between selecting an action in the console (which was carried out with no error present) and the SMS_Notification_Server component, which actually sent the action to the client

So the bit that was broken was the SQL Broker. This query confirmed it

SELECT is_broker_enabled,is_honor_broker_priority_on FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'CM_xxx'

Please note: you will need to adjust the SQL query for your Database – ‘CM_xxx’ is just an example

SQL Query Result

Both should be set to 1. To do that there are 2 SQL statements that need to be run. But before that, have a think…

“I am about to unblock something that has been blocked what will the impact be?”

Luckily I have the answer to that question:

Any user requested Client Operation that is Active, will now work……

Any system action via the fast channel will also work….

So the first thing to do is to delete all the active Client operations (you have to delete them one at a time in CB 1910) and if you are paranoid like me , delete all the expired operations as well

Then give it a while for MEMCM to do what it has to do.

Then there are 2 SQL statements that need to be run

Please note: you will need to adjust the SQL query for your Database – CM_xxx is just an example. Always have a backup or recover point, just in case



To verify it worked run this again

SELECT is_broker_enabled,is_honor_broker_priority_on FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'CM_xxx'

and you should get the following result

Now when the next SMS_Notification_Server cycle starts , you will see a flood of push requests in the BGBServer.log like these

System generated push tasks

Once that backlog dies down (it may take hours depending on your environment) then just do a simple “Download Computer Policy” Client Notification and you should see in the log something like this

Task Type 1 is a “Download Computer Policy” client notification

So if you see that in the log it is fixed. If not… keep googleing….

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