Managing Domain User Profiles in Windows 10 Enterprise

This article covers different ways to manage Domain User Profiles in Windows 10 Enterprise, Professional and  Education

Want to do it via a GUI?

All versions of Windows 10 are the same, but the Enterprise, Professional and  Education are the only ones that have the capability to join to a domain. 

With Windows 10, Microsoft keep hiding the control panels that we are all familiar with in Windows 7, any try to give us a “Modern UI” that does not enable us to navigate to them.

To remove a user profile, you need to have administrator privilege.

Press Windows button and type “sysdm.cpl” , then click on the best match sysdm.cpl

  1. When the System Properties opened, select the Advanced tab.
  2. On Advanced tab click Setting under User Profiles. Don’t click Settings under Performance.
  3. Select the user account profile you want to delete it.
  4. Click Delete button and click Yes to accept and remove user profile completely from your system.


Want to do it via powershell?

See for tips on how to figure out what profiles should and should not be removed

Want to get rid of old user profiles that have been not used for a long time?

Want to do it via a group policy?

With a Group Policy you can delete profiles that have aged.




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