How to use Setprinter.exe

I always struggle to remember how to use setprinter.exe. So here are my tips

Set printer has 9 levels that you can query (get) about the printer. See for the level info.

Every query will likely be different for each printer driver make and model. So the first thing I would do is query what you have to manipulate in those levels.

An example of querying the Printer Preferences for the current user:

This particular command will show you all the level 2 settings. You will get back  something like this:

To set the Comment on the printer you would run:

To clear the comment:

Now the ones between the lines
…<end of devmode>

are a bit special

So if I want to set them, I have to do it slightly differently. In this example I am setting the paper width to 6cm and the height to 4cm for the user

The example above is a classic example of  what you see in the GUI is not quite what is shown in setprinter. I mean how can 600 mean 6cm!!!

All I can guess is that in the GUI, there are two decimal places when you define these settings, so 6.00 is stored as 600…..


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