Disaster Recovery – Get A List Of All Automatic Services Not Started

The following script contacts all the windows servers in the domain and returns a list of stopped services that are set to Automatic to a CSV file.

It also outputs to screen, servers it cannot contact or servers that are skipped as they are in the Excluded List



$ResultsFile = 'c:\temp\results.csv'
$ListOfserversInAD = get-adcomputer -filter {operatingsystem -like "Windows server*" } -properties operatingsystem,Whencreated,servicePrincipalName |sort-object -Property name
$oldverbosepreference = $VerbosePreference
$VerbosePreference = "continue"
$ExcludedList = "Server1",

$results = foreach ($item in $ListOfserversInAD)
if ($ExcludedList -contains $item.name)
    Write-Verbose " $($item.name) in Excluded List"   

#get all services that are automatic and filter ones out you are not worried about
    Get-service -ComputerName $item.name -ErrorAction stop | where-object { $_.starttype -eq "Automatic" -and
                                                          $_.status -eq "Stopped" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "RemoteRegistry" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_64" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "TBS" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "GxCVD(Instance001)" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "GxEvMgrC(Instance001)" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "GXHSM Recaller(Instance001)" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "wuauserv" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "SolarWinds Orion NCM Caching Service" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "IKEEXT" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "ShellHWDetection" -and
                                                          $_.name -ne "sppsvc"  }|
                                                          select * 
    Write-Verbose " $($item.name) cannot list services"

$VerbosePreference =$oldverbosepreference 

$results |export-csv -path $ResultsFile


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