Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3189866) Problem – Fixed

KB3189866 will only partially download  stuck on 45 to 99% and wont install. I have a solution


You run windows updates and you find that KB3189866 does not download or install and it holds up other updates


Two things you can try to do

  1. Go into Control Panel and select troubleshooting
  2. Under “System and Security , click “Fix Problems with Windows Update”
  3. Click advanced and select “Run as Administrator” (enter your administrator credentials if required)
  4. Click Next

The troubleshoot will return with a failed repair “Potential Windows Update Database error”



Doing that process it appears to temporarily kill off KB3189866 and allow other updates to install.


So you reboot… and find that the update still won’t download and run…


  1. Go to and manually download it
  2. Then install it
  3. Reboot your PC
  4. Rerun the troubleshooting mentioned above and magically it will find no errors!
  5. Look in the Windows update history and you will set it installed.

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