Changing Username and Password with a System DSN

I was automating a build of an application server and needed to create a number of System DSNs via Powershell

The problem was I did not know how , in powershell, to add the username and password for a connection. After all, when using the GUI, you are presented with a username and password to enter….you assume that it is the username and password that will be stored as part of the System DSN….well actually……no..

After creating a system DSN in powershell, If you go into the GUI to check it has been created successfully, the GUI will present you with the username of the user that created System DSN. This is just a “handy” prompt and bears no resemblance to what will be used. Really all the username password prompt is for , is so you can test that the connection will work!

As it is a system DSN, I do not need to specify the username/password , as the application using the system DSN will give the username/password when it wants to use the System DSN.



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