Powershell – List Users Logged Into A Range Of Computers

So this script get a list of users logged into computers. It uses my personal favourite RDS PowerShell module but works on PCs. Note: some firewall rule(s) inbound may be required.

Its something I did one night when pondering how to show an availability sheet for rooms where there is only 1 specialist PC in a room for use by many people (and there are 30 rooms)

So rather than use a calendaring system, just look at  an internet webpage and choose your nearest room that is free.

This may also help admins that find the Get-DesktopVM details missing about users when using Horizon View PowerCLI.

It would be easy to modify this script to use the results of Get-DesktopVM (rather than a security group) to obtain a list of computers to check

It only looks for an active user. any use that has been switched out (disconnected status) is filtered out.



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