Powershell – Get the actual installed dates of hotfixes

The Get-Hotfix cmdlet has a bug in it that does not always return the installed date for patches, yet in control panel /Windows update the history will show the actual install date.

this little script “fixes” that


NOTE: WinRM is required to be running and ports open or the remote devices firewall




4 thoughts on “Powershell – Get the actual installed dates of hotfixes

  1. Great script.

    You just need one minor amendment to get $Computername to output. Because it’s inside the Scriptblock, it’s out of scope on the remote computer, therefore you need to change it to $Using:Computername – then it’ll work a treat.

    • Hi!

      I have updates the script so it can pass computernames.
      e.g. save my script as c:\temp\test.ps1
      Create a text file with a list of all computers you want to check
      .e.g. c:\temp\test.txt

      run this code

      $ListOfComputers = Get-Content -path C:\temp\test.txt

      foreach ($item in $ListOfComputers)
      c:\temp\test.ps1 -computername $item
      I will step through the list in the text file and give you the results

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