Powershell – Check That SCCM User Environment Is Setup

SCCM is a bit fiddly it has its “own” powershell console that is a tad inconvenient. Also a lot of assumptions are made that the user is all good to go with SCCM cmdlets and that is usually far from the truth.

The following script is does few prerequisite checks to ensure it is all good to go for the novice SCCM Powershell user. The script is self documenting as to what checks I am doing. These check have been learnt the hard way. 🙂 

For the novice:
All SCCM Cmdlets have to run from the $SCCMSiteCodePath Location
Assumption is that the Security group ($SecurityGroupthatHasSSCMRights in the code) does have the correct rights to run the powershell functions against SCCM


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PowerShell Regex Examples

https://regex101.com/ handy website to check your regex results

Regular Expression Language – Quick Reference

Simple comparison to find a part of a line that matches “.*.enc” where the * is 3 characters or more and  each character is a-z or A-Z

the \ is used to escape the .