Using a Group Policy To Delete User Profiles That Have Not Been Used For Over 90 Days

In an enterprise environment you may have machines that lots of different people log into. In my case there were a few PCs, that over 300 people had logged into, in the last two years.

This caused an issue with SCCM as it gathered information out of these profiles to update the devices inventory and the MIF file size was over the maximum, so was never loaded and put into the BADMIFS folder on the SCCM server.

So to fix that you can apply a setting in a GPO Continue reading…


Powershell – IIS Set Connection String in web.config [Solution]

IIS Set Connection String in web.config using the Web-Administration powershell module

So in the web.config file  for “MyApplication” application under “Default Web Site”, I have a connection string called “MyChartsConnection”, that I want to change the connection string as I am modifying it for Production use , changing server name and username password, plus some parameters  that i do not need in test. Continue reading…


Metltdown Spectre Firmware updates Dell and HP

BIOS updates for Meltdown / Spectre


HP Workstations

HP Servers





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OS Updates

 MS  operating systems


VMWare advisory

SCCM Compliance Settings…

Performance Hit

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